Tropico 5 Packaging Bungle Delays Physical PC Release

Anyone looking to pick up Tropico 5 in the US right now will have to do it digitally.


Tropico 5
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Those looking to buy a physical PC copy of Tropico 5 in the US are in for a bit of a wait, as issues with manufacturing the game's packaging have led to a last minute delay.

The physical release of Tropico 5 will now not reach North America until June 17, publisher Kalypso Media has confirmed. It was originally due to be released on May 23.

A digital release is still currently available on PC, via Steam and the Kalypso website. Mac and Xbox 360 versions are in the works for a release this summer, and the game will be coming to PS4 this autumn. Provided Kalypso doesn't run out of ink for the case sleeve, presumably.

"There is a lot to enjoy on the sandy beaches of Tropico 5. Whether you're playing alone or with up to three others online, the game strikes a good balance between style and substance that is easy to digest for all types of strategy fans," wrote Maxwell in GameSpot's Tropico 5 review.

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