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Tron Evolution derezzing Q4 2010, trailer debuts

[UPDATE] Turok dev Propaganda crafting apparent game prequel to Disney's film sequel to groundbreaking 1982 sci-fi movie, due out next December; full trailer inside.


[UPDATE] The trailer is now available. Original story is below.

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In September, the director and producer of the forthcoming film Tron: Legacy, Steven Lisberger, let something slip. "I don't know whether I'm supposed to say it, but I'm saying it," the filmmaker told film site Latino Review. "There is definitely [a video game.] How could there not be?"

Tron Evolution appears to be a prequel to Tron Legacy (pictured).
Tron Evolution appears to be a prequel to Tron Legacy (pictured).

Tonight, a trailer at the VGAs confirmed Lisberger's comments. The clip, viewable above, reveals both the game's title, Tron Evolution, and its launch date of holiday 2010. Tron: Legacy debuts in theaters on December 17, 2010, in 3D and 2D.

Judging by the trailer, Tron Evolution will be a prequel to Tron: Legacy, which is being developed by publisher Disney Interactive Studios' Propaganda Games (Turok). It begins with one of the franchise's anthropomorphic programs delivering a speech in a Lance Henriksen-like rasp. It appears to indicate that the film's computer world came under attack from computer viruses--of which he is one.

Then, a quick montage shows the series' trademark light cycles and disc weapons, as well as several melee arena bouts. Title cards promptly flash the words "Before the legacy starts…the battle begins," indicating that Tron Evolution's events likely occur before Tron: Legacy's.

Released in 1982, the original Tron film was considered groundbreaking for its extensive use of computer graphics. It also has a place in many-a-gamer's heart, since it portrayed a software engineer who is transported inside a computer, where humanoid programs fight in gladiatorial contests humans see as video games. Tron: Legacy will see the son of that engineer also enter the computer realm--where his father has been trapped for the last 28 years.

While Tron Legacy will be just the second feature film in the series, Tron has spawned several games over the years. The original movie was adapted by a pair of arcade titles, Tron and Discs of Tron, and a handful of games on the Atari 2600 and Intellivision. In 2003, Disney's Buena Vista Interactive label brought the franchise back with Tron 2.0 on the PC, followed the next year by Tron 2.0 Killer App for the Xbox and Game Boy Advance. Tron and Discs of Tron were also rereleased on the Xbox 360.

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