Tron 2.0's female lead revealed

Buena Vista Games announces that Rebecca Romijn-Stamos will voice the role of Mercury, who helps the player through Tron 2.0's digital world.


Tron 2.0

Buena Vista Games, the Disney games label, has announced that Tron 2.0 will feature the voice of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, who plays Mystique in X-Men and the upcoming X2. She will voice the role of Mercury, the undefeated light-cycle racing champion who teams up with the game's main character, Jet Bradley, a human who is digitized and finds himself in a dangerous digital world. In addition to providing background and guidance, Mercury will help the player fight the corrupt computer agents who attempt to stop Bradley in his quest to set things right and return to the real world.

"Mercury plays a critical role in Tron 2.0 by helping the player, as Jet Bradley, discover his new powers as a user," said Bob Picunko, director of marketing at Buena Vista Games. "She also helps to reveal intriguing background that explains what has been happening in the digital world in the past 20 years, the last time a human was digitized in the Tron storyline. Rebecca's voice adds a new dimension to the character and provides the depth that we're looking for in a powerful female lead."

Tron 2.0 is scheduled to ship in August. For more details on the game, check out our previous coverage

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