Tron 2.0 E3 2004 First Look

Buena Vista Interactive is bringing the light cycle-riding hero to the Game Boy Advance.


Tron 2.0

Buena Vista Interactive will have the Game Boy Advance version of Tron 2.0 at E3 2004. The new game will let you play as either Tron or Mercury, each of whom has separate story, weapons, and gameplay modes available. In the game, you must battle the Corruptor, an evil program that is attempting to take over your virtual world with a powerful computer virus.

To do this, you'll play through more than 30 different levels with different game types, including third-person action and light-cycle racing. The game will also support multiplayer games of light-cycle racing and tank battles for up to four players. You'll even be able to eventually unlock the original Tron arcade games from over a decade ago. Also, both Tron and Mercury can be "upgraded" with new abilities by collecting upgrade chips--there will be about 100 of these that you can find in the game.

Tron 2.0 for the Game Boy Advance is scheduled for release later this year.

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