Tron 2.0 comic book coming

88 MPH Studios will produce two comic book series, one based on the upcoming Tron 2.0 PC game and the other on the original 1982 movie.


Disney Publishing Worldwide has announced that 88 MPH Studios is producing a comic book miniseries based on Tron 2.0, the upcoming PC action game set 20 years after the events in Tron. The comic will follow the adventures of Jet Bradley, Alan Bradley's son, as he deals with being a 20-year-old who has been digitized into the world of computers. As in the game, Bradley will have to deal with rogue programs, dangerous viruses, and other digital threats.

The four-part Tron 2.0 series will be released on a monthly basis starting late this year. A second series will be based on the original 1982 movie and is scheduled for next spring.

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