Trivial Pursuit Unhinged dated for Europe

Atari confirms that it plans to release all three versions of Trivial Pursuit Unhinged in Europe next year. First screens inside.


Atari has today announced that it plans to release the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox versions of Trivial Pursuit Unhinged in Europe in March 2004. The game, which is currently in development at Artech Studios, was first announced back in August.

"Trivial Pursuit is one of the world's best-loved board games, and, with computer gaming playing a big part in home entertainment for all ages, it made sense for Atari to partner with Horn Abbot to bring the 'Triv' experience to home consoles and computers," said Martin Spiess, vice president of marketing at Atari Europe. "This game retains the essential spirit and fun of the board game but brings a new pace and style, including new game features, that bring Trivial Pursuit into the 21st century."

For more information on Trivial Pursuit Unhinged, which is currently scheduled for release in North America early next year, check out our previous coverage of the game. Readers are reminded that news of celebrity appearances by Whoopi Goldberg, John Cleese, and Terry Bradshaw, among others, remains the case, however this so only for the North American release.

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