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Trisynergy tracing Origin of the Species

The US publisher will make a UK developer's new third-person action/adventure available in North America this fall.


Dallas-based publisher Trisynergy announced it is readying a new PC game, Origin of the Species. Developed by Britain-based Nu-Generation Games, the third-person shooter is scheduled for release this fall for the PC.

Billed as a "third person action-adventure," Origin of the Species takes a Deus Ex-like approach to sci-fi action, combining elements of role-playing and shooting. It also has a somewhat similar storyline about a massive government conspiracy linked to black-budget projects and exposure of the world's population to a toxic virus.

In-game combat will consist of shooting with over 20 weapons, ranging from submachine guns to rail guns, and melee with 10-plus offensive and defensive moves. The game will also feature maps based on real-life locales, as well as both rigid body dynamics and rag-doll physics.

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