Trio of Silent Hill games haunting early 2012

Konami confirms survival horror series HD Collection making belated debut on January 24, Book of Memories opens up on PS Vita in February, and Silent Hill Downpour falls on 360 and PS3 in March.


It's 12 full months until Halloween rolls around again, but Konami is readying a full slate of scares for horror-hungry gamers early next year. Today the publisher confirmed plans to roll out a new Silent Hill game in stores for each of the first three months of 2012.

Silent Hill: Scary even to felons.
Silent Hill: Scary even to felons.

The Silent Hill HD Collection will kick things off when it debuts January 24. Originally announced as a fall 2011 release, the HD Collection includes new versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3, complete with new voice-overs for the characters.

Following up in February will be the series debut for the PlayStation Vita, Silent Hill Book of Memories. Konami didn't date the game, but the hardware on which it runs will launch in stores February 22. The game itself will center on a mysterious book that contains the protagonist's entire life story, and it can be edited to change the past and present. The game will also introduce multiplayer to the Silent Hill franchise with a new cooperative mode.

Finally, Silent Hill Downpour is set for release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March. The first new console installment in the series since 2008's Homecoming, Downpour follows convicted felon Murphy Pendleton in the aftermath of a prison bus crash that leaves him stuck in Silent Hill.

For more on the future of the franchise, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Silent Hill: Downpour.

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@goodemon I know that :) but would've been cool to see some HD treatment at least.

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@ Gaming-Planet I wouldn't worry about SH: DP it's going to be a good game. I think what he meant about 30% action is parts that are full of action and a lot of encounters from enemies. and the 70% he mentioned it would be a slow burn horror build up as well as atmosphere. I don't think in the slower parts exclude enemies entirely. I think that the enemies aren't going to be the focus as much as the psychological horror as well as exploring/puzzles possibly. I like to think they are going the Silent Hill 2 route. SH2 didn't have a ton of enemies attacking you all the time and it was the best Silent Hill imo. It was very quiet in an unnerving way, and I loved that about the game. I hope that's what Downpour is like.

Avatar image for Joman1000

I really wish my hopes for this series weren't constantly being tested to their limits. This was a powerful set of games for a time.

Avatar image for Gaming-Planet

30% action? So I'm pretty much watching a movie. Hey I love stories, but I'd like some action.

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Players will be given the option to switch between the original voice acting and the alternate voice acting in Silent Hill HD Collection. Silent Hill 1 is already in PSN, it was "re-imagine" on Silent Hill Shattered Memories (But the fear factor is scaled low, but a good game)

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looks lyk its gonna be worth d waiting...... XD

Avatar image for zeonfollower

Downpour = Heavy Rain

Avatar image for franzito

Downpour seems too flashy. Real SHs are not like that...

Avatar image for franzito

SH HD is not in my plans. New voice-overs for what? "Downpour" is still a doubt after "Origins" and "Homecoming" fiascoes...

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

"the HD Collection includes new versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3, complete with new voice-overs for the characters." And what was wrong with the original voice-overs?? They made the game.

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Look at the video at 3:19 for a split second you see freddy kreuger's distant cousin lol.

Avatar image for NodakJo2010

I thought I saw freddy krueger in the video for a brief second...=P

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Avatar image for NoblesseOblige3

What's wrong with the original voiceovers of SH2 & SH3? If anything, I think we all would've wanted proper remakes, graphics x100 galore and friendlier menu/combat tweaks

Avatar image for boyardee14

omg finally! altho i was really looking forward to this cuz it seemed like this was gonna be the season of collections.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

I just hope more of an effort is made here...

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

I'm still just disappointed at how god damn awful Homecoming was on PC. There's an amazing game in there somewhere but it's just hopelessly helplessly smothered in the sh!t of a lazy-ass dev team.

Avatar image for Dennylson

Frustrating that we now have to wait 5 more months to play Downpour but I suppose it'll be for the best if it means sending out a better, more polished off game.

Avatar image for Benifited

I would buy the HD collection if they added a silent hill 1 remake. never beat 1 & 3 but a finished 2 & 4. I wonder why?

Avatar image for sShaD5000

Voice re-recording, no, no, no. Good thing I have all the originals anyhow. Looking forward to Downpour, although it looks a bit more like Alan Wake than Silent Hill.

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Good they delayed to next year.

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I'm debating pre-ordering Downpour...just not sure about any goodies there might be...probably will end up getting that HD set though...

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@-JMD- uhm that would be because Konami disbanded "Team Silent!" believe me man I miss the old ones too...

Avatar image for Evilnator

@meharu Legal issues with the original voice actors, Konami didn't pay them for all those re-releases they did, and they're not planning to. There's probably gonna be a lawsuit.

Avatar image for meharu

The HD Collection includes new versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3, complete with new voice-overs for the characters. What why? the voice-acting are already good, just focus on upgrading the graphics. And bring the old team Konami because the new one completely ruined the franchise >.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I want for the PC :( !!!

Avatar image for Deadly_Nemesis

@-JMD- It's what western companies do with other countries properties. The either take it far too serious, or dumb it down way too much. All because they never take the time to understand what makes the game what it is.

Avatar image for Deadly_Nemesis

I better not see Pyramid Head or a busty nurse in this game.

Avatar image for Danishaslam

FU**... WHY NOT FOR PC >_>

Avatar image for Raxyman

@PublicNuisance I agree at multiplayer, but coop is a good addition to any game, IF well applied, unlike FEAR 3 that boasts a crappy coop mode...

Avatar image for -JMD-

Why did they ruined the silent hill series? :( Every since silent hill 4 the game sucks so bad!!!!!!!

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And still no word about PC version....

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check the monsters in silent hill wikia it's some interesting s**

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@ChiefFreeman I only just gotten around to playing SH3 earlier this year for the first time but the voice acting definitely could have used some work IMO. It wasn't original Resident Evil bad of course but more of a small small step up from the original SH

Avatar image for PublicNuisance

Yay more co-op and multiplayer.....(end sarcasm). Some games just don't need it or benfit from it and I think horror games are one of those.

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@Talk2Luke Yes Silent Hill one is a psone classic I think its 5.99 on PSN.

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I'll never forget how scary the Silent Hill games really are. Silent Hill 2 stands out as the most scary game I ever had the nerves to finish, all leading up to a startling revelation once I finally put the VHS tape to discover how my wife really died-what a disturbing scene.. Of course that's only one of he multiple endings, but chilling noetheless. Seriously freaky game for sure. Downpour looks so amazing too

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Convicted felons, soldiers, this new team doesn't know what's scary and what's not. Bring back "team silent"

Avatar image for andres_ak47

aaaaand not for pc

Avatar image for stick2zero

Silent Hill... For me the scariest game of all time. I never beat any series, cant survive the horror

Avatar image for mizar_12

The last new installment? Shattered Memories? ...don't make fun just because it was on the Wii.

Avatar image for MemberUnknown

@Brokenhope69 Probably somebody who follows Resident Evil which is no longer a horror game. It has moments that scare, but I would stick to the PS1 titles for real heart stopping action and terror.

Avatar image for Hornet85

Co-op in Silent Hill is just very weird.

Avatar image for Sendmn23

You know without "Team Silent" its not Silent hill anymore... so really I couldn't care less about all this.... Konami bring back the original development team!

Avatar image for Gamer_Chick1982

Definitely looking forward to these! I might have to look into getting a Vita...

Avatar image for Brokenhope69

@MemberUnknown What idiot thumbed you down for loving Silent Hill? Gamers these days.. Day 1 for HD Collection / Downpour for me. Kinda wish they were already out so I could play something during the Fall drought. Rage, Uncharted 3, MGS HD Collection and MW3 are the only noteworthy games. Now the Summer was a different story!! I bought around 10 games between June-July alone! Q1 is bad next year also. These 2 games plus Syndicate, XCOM, Mass Effect 3, Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, Afterfall: Insanity, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Final Fantasy XIII-2, The Haunted: Hells Reach, Inversion, Prey 2, Ruin, Yakuza: Dead Souls and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Heavy, heavy!!

Avatar image for Talk2Luke

Awesome, Silent Hill 2 & 3 are amazing games. Would be cool to get Silent Hill 1 & 4 in there at some point too though. Is Silent Hill 1 in the Playstation One store on PSN?

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I love this series.

Avatar image for bostadskontrakt

omg... co-op mode. Why don't they just do a first person shooter out of the whole thing. I will cancel my preorder right this minute and conclude that Silent Hill comprises the first three games. Rest in peace.