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Trio of MMOs grow

Lineage, EverQuest 2 get updated with new areas, dungeons, maps, monsters; Dark Age of Camelot patched, gets Web site for upcoming campaign.


A pair of benchmark massively multiplayer online games and a sequel to one of the genre's granddaddies have all been recently updated for those gamers who aren't spending night and day on World of Warcraft.

EverQuest 2, from Sony Online Entertainment, received "Game Update 33" yesterday. The free content adds several quests to three new areas, including Deathfist Cathedral, The Acadechism, and the Butcherblock Mountains. SOE also gives word of a special April Fool's Day event, but is keeping tight-lipped about it so as not to ruin the surprise. For full details on the update, head to the game's Web site.

Those gamers still holding tough on Lineage will notice that NCsoft has released the content pack Episode 5, Temple of Shadows. This update features the Dark Elf-controlled Lastabad Corridor, the Temple of Shadows, and earrings as wearable items.

Finally, Dark Age of Camelot has been patched to version 1.88, which tweaks the archery system, increases the amount of bounty point rewards, and more. A Web site for the new Camelot campaign, A Dragon's Revenge, is now up and running with screenshots and details.

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