Trigger Man announced

Crave Entertainment plans to release this stealth-based third-person action game for the PS2 and Xbox later this year.


Crave Entertainment has recently confirmed that it will publish the previously unannounced Trigger Man for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox this fall. Currently in development at Point of View, Trigger Man is described as a third-person, mission-based action adventure game in which players assume the role of an underworld hit man.

Trigger Man's eight missions will see players becoming embroiled in a war between two crime families and will require a combination of brute force and stealth to complete. Locales in the game will include everything from seamy loading docks to glitzy casinos. Checkpoints during each of the levels will allow players to save their progress midmission. Further gameplay details are scarce at present, but Crave has revealed that players will be required to equip themselves with the tools of the trade before missions, which will include around 14 different weapons, in addition to silencers and body armor.

We'll bring you more information on Trigger Man as soon as it becomes available.

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