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Trick Or Treat Yourself With Fanatical's Phantom Mystery Game Bundle

There's a chance you could walk away with free bonus games, too.


Fanatical has a new mystery grab-bag offer, appropriately called the Phantom Mystery Bundle--since, y’know, it’s spooky season. Customers can get a handful of mystery PC games starting at 1 key for $1, and up to 10 keys for just $7.

Since this is a mystery bundle, it’s hard to say which games are in the pool of possible keys you’ll get, but the store page says to expect high-rated AAA and indies. Users in this Reddit thread are posting their results, and games like Peaky Blinders: Mastermind, Monster Sanctuary, Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD, and Saints Row 2 seem to be common pulls, though there are dozens of other possible games you could end up with.

Fanatical’s terms note that you’ll receive 10 different games per bundle purchased, but if you order more than one bundle, then you may end up with duplicate keys.

On top of the games you buy, there’s a chance to win one of five “Phantom AAA packs, featuring five of the biggest Steam releases of the year so far.” We don’t know which games are in the bonus Phantom AAA packs, but the (slim) chance to come away with a few extra games is a nice perk. And like all Fanatical deals, you'll also get a 5% off coupon to put towards your next purchase.

Head over to Fanatical to try your luck with the Phantom Mystery Bundle, or check out the retailer’s other deals like the Heroic Bundle or the October Platinum collection.

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