Tribes: Vengeance released, patched

VU and Irrational Games' shooter has launched its assault on PC gamers--although online players will need to download a brand-new patch.


Tribes: Vengeance

Tribes: Vengeance, one of the most anticipated PC sequels of the year, has finally shipped out to stores. Today, VU Games announced the release of the "T" for Teen rated game, which will retail for $49.99.

Unlike previous Tribes games, which have been multiplayer-focused, Vengeance will have a comprehensive single-player campaign that will feature a fractured narrative that will jump back and forth between the characters' present conditions and past memories. Also, instead of focusing on an alien-human war, it will focus on internecine fighting that occurred among Terran forces centuries before the events in the previous games.

However, Tribes: Vengeance will also have plenty of the multiplayer action that has defined the series. The game will feature team-based tactics, drivable vehicles, and the "skiing," a hoverlike ability that lets you glide over solid ground to gain momentum. It will also feature an arsenal of new weapons as well as improved old favorites, like the grappling hook.

Those wishing to sample either a single- or multiplayer demo of Tribes: Vengeance can download it from GameSpot DLX. PC Gamers who wish to play the final game online will also have to download the v1.01 patch for it, which is also available on GameSpot DLX. If that isn't enough Tribes: Vengeance action for you, GameSpot's full review of the game will be posted later today.

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