Tribes 2 Multiplayer Showcase: Day Four

The latest in our daily Tribes 2 showcases examines two modes: Rabbit and Hunters.


Day Four: Rabbit and Hunters

Today we look at two game modes that are fairly similar: rabbit and hunters. Both involve players who try to frag other players for a flag - and both can even be considered forms of the typical deathmatch mode.

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The goal in rabbit is to hold the flag for the longest time, thus accumulating points. The only problem is that all the other players in the game are trying to kill the flag carrier so that they can take the flag for themselves. The game starts with the flag at a preset location on the map with players spawning at random locations. Some players start closer to the flag than others, so when the game begins, those players will be able to grab the flag first. As the name suggests, the flag carrier is called the rabbit and is seen as a typical enemy soldier to the rest of the players. The scoring system is still being worked on, but points seem to be awarded to the rabbit for every 12 seconds that the flag is held. When the flag carrier is killed, the flag is dropped in the field, and anyone can become the next rabbit by picking it up. The rabbit is not without teeth, though, so the player carrying the flag can fight back if needed. However, the rabbit's chances of surviving become much slimmer if he or she turns around and faces the other players.

The best strategy for the rabbit is to keep moving and to run as fast as possible. The rabbit can't hide, because occasionally, a waypoint that gives away the rabbit's location is displayed on the map. Players who can ski very well will most likely end up having the higher score since they can move fast and evade other players. The flag seekers need to work together to set up flanking maneuvers, because simply chasing the rabbit is an ineffective method of retrieving the flag. Some players should set up a trap while others drive the rabbit into it. Once the rabbit is killed, the flag becomes up for grabs. Rabbit is a fast game mode with periods of intense combat, and it has a small learning curve so that people new to the game can enjoy this mode.

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Hunters is another point-based game - it can be played as either a free-for-all or team game. When a player kills another player, the dead person drops a flag. Anyone can pick up this flag and return it to a designated location (called a nexus) for a point. Players can carry many flags and return them for more points than a single flag would yield. For example, two flags returned at once will give the player three points, and seven flags will give the player 28 points. When a player with a substantial amount of flags dies, an announcement says "yard sale," and the location of the loose flags becomes a waypoint. This style of play can lead to sneaky behavior, as a third person can sit back and wait for a flag to drop and then rush in and grab it. It also discourages long-range weapons, such as the sniper rifle and rockets, because the players who use these weapons most likely won't be able to get the flags in time. But campers can wait at the nexus to steal flags, so players must be wary.

The team hunters mode plays much in the same manner, but different strategies may be employed. First, if you kill one of your teammates, he or she will not drop a flag. Players can voluntarily drop their flags so that a team can have a teammate become a flag holder. This flag holder can hide away someplace and return all the team's flags for massive points. The opposing team can send out an assassin to take out the other team's flag holder, though, so protection would be needed.

We wrap up our Tribes 2 multiplayer profiles tomorrow with a look at the deathmatch and bounty modes.

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