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Trials of Osiris Rewards This Week In Destiny 2 (July 2-6)

Grab some of the best gear in the game from Destiny 2's Trials of Osiris so you're prepared for the Solstice of Heroes and beyond.


Update: This week's Trials of Osiris has ended. Here's a rundown of what Trials of Osiris rewards you can earn and what map you'll face for the weekend of July 9.

As another weekend hits Destiny 2, you've once again got another chance at some of the best gear in the game in the Trials of Osiris. The player-vs.-player event might be one of the toughest activities that Destiny 2 has to offer, but it also provides weapons and armor you can't get anywhere else.

Each week, the Trials of Osiris map and rewards are randomized when the event launches with Destiny 2's daily reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Friday.

Trials of Osiris Map And Rewards (July 2-6)

  • Map: The Dead Cliffs
  • 3 wins -- The Messenger, Kinetic pulse rifle
  • 5 wins -- Hunter, Titan, and Warlock Gauntlets - Pyrrhic Ascent Grasps, Gauntlets, and Gloves
  • 7 wins -- Shayura's Wrath, Void submachine gun
  • Flawless run -- Sola's Scar (Adept), Solar sword

The Trials of Osiris takes place every weekend, running from Friday to Tuesday. When taking part in the PvP event, your goal is to and win as many matches as possible before you suffer three total losses. You'll need to recruit a fireteam of three, as there's no matchmaking in Trials. Once you take three losses in the mode, you'll be forced to reset your Trials run, or Passage, and try again. However, the more wins you earn, the more loot you'll rack up. Rewards drop rack up as you earn a certain number of victories, so minimizing your losses is key to grabbing new gear. But the best rewards in the event come when you go on a winning streak of seven matches in a row--a "Flawless" run.

While your hope is to hit a flawless run in Trials, the requirement of avoiding losses makes the mode extremely tough. Most players may never achieve a flawless run. But the event isn't just for the very best players in the game--you'll still earn Trials rewards, some of the best weapons available, just by playing matches, win or lose. The End Game bounty from Saint-14 awards each week's three-win reward just for participating.

If you can manage to go Flawless, you'll visit the Lighthouse and earn exclusive rewards. Opening the chest in the Lighthouse now gets you an "Adept" weapon, which has extra stat boosts you can't get almost anywhere else. Visit Saint-14 to pick up a Trials Passage and bounties to get started, but remember that you have to spend any Trials tokens you earn for wins with Saint-14 before the weekly reset on Tuesday, July 6. These tokens expire at the end of the weekend you earned them, so get your rewards while you can.

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