Trials Meets Inception, Limbo, Saving Private Ryan

Trials Evolution breaks out of the Trials HD warehouse and into a brave new world of hills, roller coasters, and movie tributes. Here are five of our favourite tracks.


Powered by a souped-up graphics engine, Trials Evolution has a visual variety that blows away the flat left-to-right warehouse tracks of Trials HD. The 60 or so single-player tracks visit rivers, roads, valleys, bridges, urban zones, and ancient ruins, not to mention a handful of environments built in tribute to movies and other games. Like so:

1. Trials of Limbo (Limbo)

The most obvious of Evolution's tribute tracks: a course rendered in grey, black, and spooky silhouettes, resembling that most harrowing of puzzle platformers, Limbo.

2. Mind Bender (Inception)

This dizzying track is a nod to the shifting architecture of the dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream flick Inception, says developer RedLynx. Might you wake up in a passenger plane at the end? (No.)

3. Beach Head (Saving Private Ryan)

Remember that bit in Saving Private Ryan when Tom Hanks wheelied up the coastal defences and ploughed into a German bunker? Us neither. This one's a less-than-reverent re-creation of that movie's Omaha Beach landing.

4. Oil Rush

This one's a jaunt through a wrecked oil field, with fighter jets zooming inches overhead as you career over the peaks. Watch for the exploding pipeline.

5. Titan Graveyard

Scenic and watery, this was the peaceful resting place of several stone colossi--until you got in there, revving all over their graves. Look for the giant stone hands.

Trials Evolution is out on Xbox Live Arcade on April 18.

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i like the limbo version

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Hmm I hope that isn't braking in mid air I see there.

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I'm going to play this game FOREVER!

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This looks sooo good!