Trials HD sells 1 million

RedLynx's stunt motorcycle racer hits platinum sales marker just over a year after XBLA debut.

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RedLynx appeared to have a platinum game on its hands in June, when the Finnish developer said that Trials HD had attracted more than 1 million players. Today, RedLynx officially hit that platinum milestone, saying that its downloadable stunt racer had sold more than a million units since its launch as an Xbox Live Arcade title in August 2009.

RedLynx noted that Trials HD's sales milestone does not include the game's first expansion pack, Trials HD - Big Pack. That add-on, which launched for 400 Microsoft points ($5) on December 22, added 35 tracks, more than 50 new "physics objects," tournaments, and an extra 50 achievement points. A second add-on, Big Thrills, will add 40 more tracks, 10 user-created courses, and the opportunity to win cash prizes when it launches later this year.

Trying this at home just might result in selling a million units.
Trying this at home just might result in selling a million units.

Beyond Trials HD, RedLynx is continuing its stunt racing ambitions with MotoHeroz, announced for WiiWare earlier this month. A side-scrolling platform racer, MotoHeroz offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as more than 100 different racing tracks spread across a variety of environments.

For more on Trials HD, check out GameSpot's review.

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Avatar image for theslimdavylp

I freakin hate this game! I mean I love it, its so hard, I'm confused

Avatar image for jarv81178

Best game on my xbox! I'm def gonna get Big Thrills... I'm so addicted!

Avatar image for sabrewulf786

this game deserves a medal.its frustrating as well as addicitve.can't wait for the new DLC to be released

Avatar image for Witchsight

Thumbs up if you at least finished all the original tracks!

Avatar image for dwt77

Deceptive game that starts out seeming simplistic and only semi-cool, and eventually drives you to the brink of insanity and takes over every available free moment you have! This game is easily the best game on xbla!

Avatar image for ShadoweaverCode

awesome game!

Avatar image for valdarez

Awesome. It's a GREAT game. Congrats to the development team that made it!

Avatar image for metalkid9

...with the help of the flash version making it popular prior to release

Avatar image for HavocV3

impressive. as for exclusivity. MS published it, but that isn't always the defining factor. but with them making a Wii version under a different name, it's an indication that MS was more involved to where they won't allow a port.

Avatar image for MEDzZ3RO

I'd love this to get ported,I used to play loads when I was in tech class on the PC free version.

Avatar image for DrKill09

Would've sold more if they ported it to pc and ps3.

Avatar image for monson21502

the demo was pretty good. but i couldnt see myself paying 15 for it

Avatar image for Beyond_Belief

This is easily my favorite arcade game I bought im glad the game is such a success hopefully they will make another one soon.

Avatar image for chaldoboy14

Glad to see it got the recognition it deserved. I only had a couple problems. One was it got way too hard towards the end, but also that's what made it really good, it took serious skill to get good medals toward the end, and even some in the middle. Now the one thing I REALLY hated was not being able to download user content unless it was a friends', I have 85 friends on my list and only 2 have it and neither creates tracks. I enjoy building maps, but I wish I could download other peoples content.

Avatar image for Chimpman_Z

Good, now bring this out for PS3 or is it an exclusive? Anyone know?

Avatar image for BradHummr

The game was great, I'm not surprised at all! :D

Avatar image for imaidiot

This is an awesome game. The only thing holding it back from being perfection is that you can only share tracks with your 'friends'. If they made a way where you can post and download tracks like on little big planet, the community would explode with an unlimited amount of tracks.

Avatar image for Jbul

Hmmm... perhaps I should check this out. :)

Avatar image for Dream_Hunter

@ MKID232 it was originally a flash game.

Avatar image for MKID232

Wasn't this originally a flash game?

Avatar image for SkidRow18

Good game

Avatar image for sliperywhenwet6

Ive played 2nd edition (PC) and it is pretty damn fun, especially for the low price.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a5f623fa2551

I didn't buy this game until it went on sale earlier this summer. Should have gotten it earlier. I love the game. The physics really make it something special. I'm glad to see it's selling well. Kudos to RedLynx. If you like Trials HD and have a PS3, give Joe Danger a go. Both are great bike games.

Avatar image for bowlingotter

This is one of those games that doesn't look like anything I'd be interested in, yet everyone who plays it raves about it. I have never played this. Something tells me that I should change that.

Avatar image for starbright_2012

I believe that I have played TrialsHD for at least a million hours, awesome news, congrats. This is truly deserved for making one of the most addicting games I have ever played. A big thank you to RedLynx and the community as well, as I have about 160 great user creations to ride. All I have left to say is...more please !

Avatar image for Flint247

This game is awesome. :)

Avatar image for boostud

Good to see it sold that many copies. Absolutely amazing game. I've spent endless hours on it. I've never had so much fun trying to crush my friends records. Speaking of that...Aaron, if you are reading this, I'll be taking my golds back before you know it!