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Trials HD dev revving up MotoHeroz

RedLynx plans to finish new racing game for WiiWare by early 2011.

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RedLynx shot to notoriety in 2009 following the release of its well-regarded downloadable stunt motorbike racer Trials HD. An anchor for Microsoft's Summer of Arcade, Trials HD sold 300,000 units through Xbox Live within two months of its release last August. By June 2010, RedLynx had attracted more than 1 million players to its stunt racer, prompting the studio to announce the Big Thrills expansion pack, which is expected to be released later this year.

That isn't the only project the studio is working on, however. Today, the Finland-based developer announced MotoHeroz for Nintendo's Xbox Live equivalent, WiiWare. RedLynx expects to finish creating the game later this year or in early 2011, though it did not say when it expects MotoHeroz to actually surface on WiiWare.

No petz were hurt in the making of MotoHeroz, probably.
No petz were hurt in the making of MotoHeroz, probably.

As the game's name suggests, RedLynx will be returning to its racing-game formula, calling MotoHeroz a side-scrolling platform racer. The studio characterized MotoHeroz' single-player mode as "surprising," saying that the physics-based driving component will be complemented by character development and a variety of detailed environments. In all, the game features more than 100 racing tracks, and MotoHeroz will also include a four-player local multiplayer mode.

RedLynx will also be taking an innovative step with a daily online competition mode. In this mode, a new track will open up each day and players will compete to reach the top of the game's leaderboards on the track.

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