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Trials Fusion Lets You Share Custom Tracks Across Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Ubisoft and RedLynx bring its Trials community a little closer together.


Trials Fusion players can now share custom tracks across PC, PlayStaton 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, its developer RedLynx has announced. This marks the first instance of platform cross-compatbility since Rockstar allowed GTA 5 save files to be moved between PlayStation and Xbox, as well as from PC to consoles.

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"We’re going cross platform with Track Central, immediately for all new tracks and in the long run, retroactively for every custom track created since launch," RedLynx explained on the Trials Fusion forum.

According to the dev, tracks can now be able to shared automatically "across all available platforms." Trials Fusion is available on PC, PlayStaton 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. If a Ubisoft Uplay account is connected, the creator's name will also be attached when tracks are shared across platforms, otherwise the creator will be shown as "FusionShared."

RedLynx also confirmed it is working on making tracks available cross-platform retroactively, but this is going to "take a bit longer."

It said: "Retroactive tracks will begin uploading in small batches to keep from overloading the server. It will start with the oldest tracks first and continue until it reaches the first track shared cross-platform. Be patient, retroactively sharing every custom since launch is going to take some time."

The dev noted that "track performance might not be equal on all platforms" and players may notice "more frame drops or other performance issues than usual on Track Central."

Along with the new sharing functionality, a Community Recommended feed has been introduced, which RedLynx says will empower players to "recommend a slice of hot awesome from the track central catalog into a neat little package."

In July Ubisoft released Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max, which consists of two parts: the Awesome Adventure (it has a rideable unicorn in it) and Red Lynx vs. All Stars, which showcases the best community-made maps.

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