Trials Fusion Dev Teases Co-op Mode and New Areas -- Where Do You Want to Play?

Also, the game's first DLC pack gets details and a release date.


Trials Fusion
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RedLynx, developer of the 2D platforming-racing game Trials Fusion, teased future plans for the game and detailed its first DLC pack today.

In an interview on the Ubisoft blog, Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo said that a cooperative multiplayer mode is coming to Trials Fusion. He didn't explain this feature, but he did say, "Imagine playing Trials for your Teams, against other Teams on tracks and in tournaments and, in a little bit later down the road, online."

He also hinted where you will be able to ride in future Trials Fusion content. "We are planning to take the world of Trials Fusion to places that no Trials game has gone before," he said, "into the clouds, under the sea and even deep underground."

Ilvessuo also provided some new details for the game's first of six DLC packs. Called Riders of the Rustlands, the pack will take you to the outskirts of the futuristic city where the main game takes place. It launches on July 29.

The pack comes with a bunch of new tracks, challenges, and editor objects. It costs $4.99, but season pass holders can download it for free.

You can see the full list of what's included below.

  • 5 new achievements/trophies
  • 10 new tracks
    • 6 classic Trials tracks
    • 2 new Supercross tracks (local multiplayer)
    • One new Skill Game (“Laws of Motion”)
    • One new FMX track (“The Gauntlet”)
  • 18 new Track Challenges, including tasks such as:
    • Infiltrate the Outsiders’ hidden base
    • Compete in a game show against penguins
    • Find more secret squirrels
  • New editor objects, including:
    • Steel pipe set
    • Wooden ramp set
    • Computer mainframes

Trials Fusion DLC is planned to be released until May 2015. Free content updates will come between the packs, so keep an eye on GameSpot for future details on upcoming content.

When Fusion launched in April, GameSpot thought that it was great. Riders of the Rustlands will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Where do you want to see future Trials packs go? What do you want to see from a co-op Trials mode? Let us know in the comments!

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needs onboard view

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The old Trials games were great value for their money, so I didn't hesitate to buy Fusion and the season pass. What a mistake. The game is buggy, no online competition, the track editor is buggy as hell (often I can't even connect to the Ubi servers to download tracks).

Now I see what's in the first DLC is, and it's crap. Only 10 tracks, 6 of them classics? In previous games you got like 20 new tracks for the same price.

Heck, in Evolution they even GAVE AWAY for free more newly created tracks by Redlynx by this point in time after the release.

Ubisoft just totally screwed up something great. And if you look at how small the leaderboards are, they are way smaller than a few months after release than the earlier Trials games. This game is probably not selling well.

And the extreme tracks are overboard now on obscene difficulty, and this is coming from a guy that had Gold medals on all the extreme tracks in the previous games. Before they were fun, now they're just a memorization chore.

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I'm pretty appalled that they are talking DLC before addressing this little tiny issue of NO ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. Seriously this is practically the only reason I bought Fusion, months after the release, to race with my friends, not their ghosts. I felt duped when I bought it and learned that it does, in fact, have multiplayer as advertised.. it's just local head to head only. I do get that the online multiplayer from Evolution had shortcomings but that didn't stop me from playing it for months and months. Am I alone in feeling like this is a crucial piece of the game that is missing?

So, Ubisoft, take this DLC and shove it... I will continue to wait for my promised online multiplayer.

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Do NOT waste your money on this Ubisoft enslaved cash-in game from the formerly awesome developer RedLynx. Get "Trials: Evolution" instead.

All my friends and I who are quite good at the series bought this, played it for 2 weeks and then went back to Evo. The Fusion servers are garbage, the tracks are stale, the FMX element is a joke, finding user created tracks is a chore and you can't store them to your machine, glitches abound and the real kicker, still no on-line multiplayer.

F U Ubisoft for killing one of the great series out there.

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Play this game at least once a day to try and get my times into the top 10's. It never gets old, mastering the physics is a blast!

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There will be six of these premium content packs. Assuming all of them cost $5 a season pass gets you everything for $10 off. This is a really fun game with a ton of replay value. I have no problem paying $40 up front to get the season pass.

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I was hooked on HD and Evolution, but Fusion just ain't doin' it for me.

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I'm not seeing how the full game could be worth the $40 they're charging right now. I'll wait for a heavy discount.

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You can download it from whatever store you use, playstation or Xbox, for $20 without the season pass. The physical version has the season pass as well. That is why it is $40

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Trial of fusion has CO-OP split screen?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, it has couch CO-OP.

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Oh never mind there aren't any new trials tracks. I can't read. Btw does anybody even play local multiplayer for this game.

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Seriously, RedLynx if I wanted to play old tracks I would re-download HD and Evo. Besides, a lot of users make remakes of old tracks. I hope all the DLC doesn't have old tracks or I'll have wasted $20 on the season pass. I do hope tho that the 4 new tracks are 2 hard and 2 extreme courses.

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Man this is kind of making me happy I didn't buy the Season Pass, I love this game, but 6 old tracks as part of the 10 new ones, doesn't seem all that great to me...