Trials Frontier is free-to-play

Upcoming mobile and tablet Trials game will be free-to-play, developer confirms.


RedLynx's upcoming mobile Trials game, Trials Frontier, will be a free-to-play game, the developer has announced.

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The mobile game will also feature its own village-building metagame, featuring its own storyline and a world map to explore. Finding collectible parts will allow players to upgrade their bikes and riders.

The mobile spin-off will also feature asynchronous and time-limited global events.

RedLynx also asserts that the free-to-play mobile game will be a "worthy successor" to the well-regarded series. "Trials Frontier is being created by RedLynx as a worthy successor in the Trials line," said the company in a statement, "with console quality graphics in its own right. It's also being developed in tandem with next-gen console game Trials Fusion, meaning the two games will connect in the right way."

RedLynx has previously released DrawRace 2 and MotoHeroz for mobile devices. Trials Frontier was announced alongside upcoming Trials Fusion at E3 2013. Owning both games will give confer bonuses in each title.

Trials Frontier will launch in 2013.

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