Trials Evolution Walkthrough

Discover life outside the warehouse. Our Trials Evolution Walkthrough will show you how to gain gold medals, unlock new courses, and gain garage goodies.


Trials Evolution

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What's New:

  • April 18 2012: Version 1.0 of the Trials Evolution Walkthrough will go live with video walkthroughs for over 60 tracks and 180 medals. Bookmark this page until then!

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Walk in the Park

These first five courses are the easiest in the game. This circuit will help you understand the basics of Trials Evolution. If you've played Trials HD you can expect to gain gold medals without much trouble. If this is your first time playing a Trials game it should only take a few tries.

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Fuel for the Flames

This circuit will teach you how it's not always about speed. Many times you'll need to move slowly or come to a dead stop to overcome the next obstacle. Try to make the most of your new Piranha 250cc.

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Terminal Velocity

The Scorpion 450cc will be your best bet in conquering this 12 course beefy grand prix. You'll encounter more traps, tricks, and mind bending puzzles than any of the previous circuits.

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Collateral Damage

This event is far more back breaking than the "medium" difficulty suggests. It's final event is the legendary Gigatrack that will last you a minimum of seven minutes for even gold. Once again continue to use the Scorpion 450cc.

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Cutting Edge

Give your new Phoenix Evo 25cc a spin during this intense new event. Pace yourself and make use of the bunny hop move as much as possible.

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Death Valley

Only a fistful of stages awaits you and the ultimate goal. It's still best using the Phoenix Evo 250cc, but consider trying out a weaker bike if you need more control.

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Skill Game Circus

You'll gain access to these exciting mini games as you achieve new licenses. The objectives of these events may in include having limited gas or disabled leaning. Other times you might not be on a bike and instead swinging across trapeze or controlling a metal ball.

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