Trials Evolution sells 1 million

RedLynx's downloadable racing game reaches platinum status eight months after launch; new Riders of Doom DLC inbound.


Trials Evolution has sold more than 1 million copies on Xbox Live, publisher Ubisoft and developer RedLynx have announced. The game was released in April on Microsoft's console and needs to sell an additional 1 million copies if it wishes to reach sales of its predecessor, Trials HD. That game has sold 2 million copies, but notably, that figure includes sales of the game and its two expansion packs.

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In addition to announcing sales for Trials Evolution, Ubisoft revealed that the second wave of DLC for the game will be released later this month. The Riders of Doom expansion follows October's Origin of Pain content and will cost $5 at launch.

The Riders of Doom DLC adds 40 new tracks to the game, including a new environment inspired by the end of the world. A new vehicle--the Banshee--will also be up for grabs in the expansion, as well as "hundreds" of new editor objects for the game's level editor.

For more on Trials Evolution, check out GameSpot's review.

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I hope this game sales really well when it comes out on PC. I really wouldn't like to miss Trials games on it. Damn, I can't wait!

Avatar image for saltbalsak

I can't understand how playing with virtual Legos tops this game. Come on people!

Trials Evolution is just ridonkuolously awesome.

Avatar image for Tygravius

Yeah, Trials is awesome....I always play it when I feel like not getting into anything real deep. It's a 'quicky' for me as a gamer. lol

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Avatar image for KeviNOlighT


Avatar image for xSagez

Trials Evolution deserves more than that to be honest. It's really, really good.

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@xSagez That's what happens when you release it exclusively for the Breaks-Every-Six-Months Box

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Everyone needs to go on right now and download that stargate SG level(in weekly top), it's incredible. Love this game!

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

It looks like Ubisoft made a smart purchase, when they picked up Redlynx earlier this year.

Trials HD is one of my favorite games. Evolution would be, but that whole thing with the curved lines never became fun. It's just weird.

Avatar image for SolidTy

Great news for the Trials devs and fans.

Avatar image for blackace

Trials is just awesome. I keep forgetting I have that game. I got stuck on a level in the first game and never went back. Started playing Trials Evolution and it's even better. I love that fans can make their own tracks and share them with other people. Anyone who likes racing and motorcycle games should get both games and all the expansions. You can get both games and all the expansion for the same price of a full retail game.

Avatar image for Psmitty456

@blackace Still much less than a full retail game, it would be $25 total. 15 for the game and 5 for each DLC. This is really the game that keeps on giving with new tracks added hourly, for free.

Avatar image for OmegaSabre

This is a game that just keeps on giving.

Avatar image for UnaSolida

Proud to be one of that million, but I was a little disappointed it wasn't as difficult as I wanted it to be (thank god for community levels) I 400g it in two days. Anyways can't wait for the third installment.

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Trials Evo is great, the replay value is insane, more and more tracks keep being made by fans and the developers alike.

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Congratulation that great. No for real I am happy.