Trials Evolution expansion, PC version on the way

Xbox Live Arcade game Trials Evolution receiving Origin of Pain DLC in Q3, PC Gold Edition containing HD and Evolution games coming early 2013.


After setting first-day sales records on Xbox Live Arcade with Trials Evolution in April, developer RedLynx is set to bring more tracks to the arcade racer. The game's first downloadable expansion, Origin of Pain, is set on Paine Island and will include 36 new tracks including lost temples, deserted beaches, a volcano, and a haunted circus.

The expansion will also include a new vehicle in the form of a BMX dirt bike, which has its own tracks, plus 10 new multiplayer tracks and new additions to the track editor including teleporting, gun firing, switch filters, and vector math. Origin of Pain will be hitting the Xbox 360 for 400 Microsoft points during Q3 2012.

RedLynx will also be bringing the Trials series back to the PC for the first time since 2008's Trials 2: Second Edition. Trials: Gold Edition will include both Trials Evolution and Trials HD, resulting in more than 120 tracks, in early 2013. The package will also include console features such as leaderboards, user-made content, and online multiplayer.

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Been watching the guys play this on Community Service wishing I had a 360. Now I need to wish no longer!!

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Excellent News..... RESPECT EARNED!!! You have my money....

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Pretty sweet for PC owners.

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Trials is one of my favorite XBLA games. Reminds me of a new version of Excite Bike. It would be much better if they released track packs faster. THESE track packs are actually something players look forward to and are priced accordingly at $5.

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Good. Should've been on the pc in the first place. Trails 2 was pretty sweet.

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It's was made with the console in mind. It's a real easy port, which is the main reason it's coming to the PC. If there had been made exclusively for the PS3, it would be unlikely that it made it to the PC. Never say "should have".

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That is nice to hear.

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Runescape > Trials Evolution.

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@emperiox Kill yourself.

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@emperiox troll > you

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@Fryboy101 Hey bro how about you come on Runescape and say that to my face in the wilderness!!!

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nah, i've already put enough time into runescape to know it's garbage

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TE = Best $15 I ever spent. I guess I'll now have to adjust that figure to $20. :-)

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Oh RedLynx, may your hands turn to gold. The PC gamers send their thanks.

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another reason not to buy a 360

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@obsequies Welcome to 3 years ago on the 360.

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Everyone has already played it on the Xbox 360. lol!! This game definitely isn't a reason to get a PC, that's for sure. Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2 are my reasons for owning a decent PC.

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I wouldn't even have to wait if they made user generated content available on second edition a few years ago.

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Finally back on PC! Good news!

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Cool - I bought Trials Evolution weeks ago, maybe I should get round to playing it lol