Tri Synergy to publish Shattered Galaxy

Nexon announces a deal with Tri Synergy to publish the massively multiplayer real-time strategy game Shattered Galaxy in North America. New concept art inside.


Nexon USA and Tri Synergy have teamed up to publish Nexon's online wargame Shattered Galaxy in North America. The massively multiplayer game will let thousands of players fight head-to-head in a huge sci-fi world. The game combines elements of several popular game types, including real-time strategy, turn-based strategy, role-playing, and squad-based combat.

We've posted some new concept art for the game in the gallery above. Shattered Galaxy is scheduled for release this July. For more information, take a look at our 2694620in-depth interview with the game's developers , which is part of our 2694541Indie Games Week feature.

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