Tri Synergy to copublish Paradise Cracked

Buka Entertainment announces that is has signed a joint publishing deal with Tri Synergy for its upcoming futuristic RPG.


Paradise Cracked

Moscow-based publisher Buka Entertainment has today announced that it has signed a joint publishing agreement with Tri Synergy for Paradise Cracked, its upcoming futuristic RPG. The game will be only the fourth from Buka to be released in North America, with previous titles including Hard Truck, Echelon, and Gromada.

"It is natural that each publisher should strive for switching the deals from the simple licensing to the copublishing on each territory and worldwide publishing way of doing business," said Maxim Mikhalev, vice president, international, at Buka. "And Tri Synergy is a reliable and suitable partner for such far-reaching designs. Thus, we consider this joint publishing deal to be a serious movement for Buka Entertainment toward the worldwide business arena."

Paradise Cracked is a role-playing game set in a dark future where--after scientists develop a supercomputer called CyberBrain, and succeed in creating their own version of paradise where all the work is done by machines--humankind no longer has the will to strive for greater things and so becomes complacent. As birth rates and IQ levels fall dramatically, humankind itself becomes an endangered species, and it's up to the player, as a hacker of sorts, to save the day by finding out what the all-powerful CyberBrain is up to and putting a stop to it.

Paradise Cracked is currently scheduled for release in Europe in June or July, and although no North American release date has been announced at this time, an August or September release seems likely, based on the information we received from Buka last week. For more information on Paradise Cracked, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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