Trevor Chan making restaurant game

The creator of the Capitalism and Seven Kingdoms games is working on a restaurant simulation. Screenshots inside.


Trevor Chan, the game designer who created the Capitalism and Seven Kingdoms strategy game series, is currently working on an unnamed restaurant simulation game for Phantagram Interactive. The game will let players build and run their own restaurant. As the manager, players will have to decorate the restaurant, set the menu and prices, hire and train employees, and learn cooking secrets from master chefs. In addition, players will be able to advertise their restaurant to drum up new business, and they'll even be able to play dirty tricks on their competition.

We've posted some screenshots in the gallery above that show off the game's 3D graphics and some of its characters and features. Trevor Chan's unnamed restaurant game is in development at Enlight, the studio founded by Chan, and it is scheduled for release in early 2004.

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