Trend is to 'over-exploit' gamers, says Witcher dev

CD Projekt Red cofounder Marcin Iwinski claims that publishers will lose business by constantly charging for DLC, stand to benefit from offering free add-ons.


Continually asking for money from gamers will drive publishers into the ground, claims The Witcher studio CD Projekt Red cofounder and joint CEO Marcin Iwinski. Speaking to Gamasutra in an extended interview, the executive explained publishers run the risk of losing business if current trends continue.

CD Projekt Red not charging for The Witcher 1 DLC was a shining moment, Iwinski said.
CD Projekt Red not charging for The Witcher 1 DLC was a shining moment, Iwinski said.

"Sadly, I see the industry trending toward over-exploiting the gamer," he said. "And I think this will come back to the publishers that are doing that, and eventually, people will stop buying their stuff."

Elsewhere in the interview, Iwinski opened up on its relationship with Atari, the company that handled publishing duties for the original PC-exclusive Witcher.

"When we had that publishing deal, we went to the publisher, and said, 'So we have this idea where we make all this stuff, all this new content, and you don't pay anything for it, we give it away for free. How about that?' The publisher went all big-eyed and said, 'Whoa! Let's charge 10 dollars! 10 Euro!' But we believed that we would sell more units if we put it out for free."

Iwinski turned out to be correct. He said releasing free DLC for the game created good will for CD Projekt Red and in turn led to a surge in sales for The Witcher 1's Enhanced Edition.

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