Tremor Talks Railroad Tycoon II

Tremor states that Railroad Tycoon II for the PlayStation is nearing completion and announces a Dreamcast version.


Tremor Entertainment has announced that Railroad Tycoon II for the PlayStation is currently nearing completion. And because the Gathering of Developers is pleased with Tremor's work on the PlayStation game, the Gathering has given the developer the go-ahead to build a Dreamcast version.

"We all expect the Dreamcast version to sell extremely well," said Mike Williams, Tremor's CEO, "especially because it will be one of the few strategy games available early in the life cycle of the Dreamcast."

As for any changes on the Dreamcast version, Rod Barr, Tremor's creative director, commented: "We want the Dreamcast version to be even better than the original. For example, we're overhauling the interface to make it more user-friendly. We're developing a more complete tutorial, and we're making all the trains 3D models, so the in-game train animations will be much cooler."

The PlayStation version of Railroad Tycoon II is currently slated for a Q1 2000 release. No release date has been named for the Dreamcast version.

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