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Sony releases gameplay information on the PS2 version of this movie-inspired adventure game. New screens inside.


Sony has released the first gameplay information pertaining to the PS2 version of Treasure Planet, an adventure game scheduled for release alongside the Disney movie of the same name next month. Treasure Planet is based on the classic Treasure Island story by Robert Louis Stevenson, but, as the name suggests, the update is set far into the future at a time when spaceships have replaced the galleons of old, and young Jim Hawkins' deadliest enemy is a cyborg known as John Silver.

The game, which is being developed by Disney Interactive and Bizarre Creations, will require players to explore derelict mines, thriving spaceports, and the like on foot or on Hawkins' rocket-powered surfboard. Other levels will see players flying in space, possibly at the helm of a giant space galleon.

Enemies in the game will include smugglers, space police, maintenance robots, killer plants, and the mutinous crew of the RLS Legacy. Not every character in the game will be intent on working against the player, though, and in addition to a number of other friendly characters, players will get to interact with Morph--John Silver's pet mimic (as opposed to a parrot). Morph will be able to assume the form of any object he chooses, provided it's of similar size.

Treasure Planet is scheduled for release alongside the movie in November. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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