Traveller's Tales assembling Lego Harry Potter, Indy 2?

Source: A Traveller's Tales employee's online resume.What we heard: Traveller's Tales may not have hit critical gold with the September 2008 release of Lego Batman, but the title certainly delivered, financially. Since its September 2008 release, the studio's Dark Knight parody has sold northward...


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Source: A Traveller's Tales employee's online resume.

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What we heard: Traveller's Tales may not have hit critical gold with the September 2008 release of Lego Batman, but the title certainly delivered, financially. Since its September 2008 release, the studio's Dark Knight parody has sold northward of 2 million copies in the US alone, according to data provided by the NPD Group. With Lego Indiana Jones putting up similar numbers in the US not three months before, it stands to reason that Warner Bros. Interactive and its wholly owned UK studio are keen on pumping out as many Lego titles as possible.

And, of course, that appears to be the case, if a recently unearthed online resume for a current Traveller's Tales employee is to be believed. As spotted by VG247, an animator with the studio reportedly listed in her CV that she was "currently working as a Cutscene Animator on LEGO Harry Potter & LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which are both in the early stages of production."

The statement has since been removed, but not before the animator went ahead and confirmed the validity of her resume listings. "That's right," she told VG247, in response to whether she was at work on the projects. "But they're not confirmed. I can't really talk about them."

This is not the first time that Traveller's Tales has been mentioned in the same breath as Lego Harry Potter. In December, UK gaming news site CVG said that it had confirmed with sources that Warner Bros. and Traveller's Tales were in the process of piecing together the boy wizard and his Hogwarts cohorts, though no further details were revealed.

The official story: "No comment."--A Warner Bros. Interactive representative.

Bogus or not bogus?: Looking not bogus on both counts.

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Avatar image for BartyCrouch1

lego hercule poroit

Avatar image for Kravyn81

Shhh, Igor! Don't give them any more ideas! :D Actually I wouldn't mind so much if they were working on a game.

Avatar image for igordebraga

What's next, Lego James Bond?

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I've got 100% in all the lego games. I will get anyone which comes out except lego rock band. lego harry potter might do the first 4 books [ 8 films ] or maybe got halfway through the 4 th one and split it exactly in two. either way it should be good but in other lego games characters have special abilities eg R2D2 opening doors but in this surely most characters will have similar spells. unless each person has a speciality spell

Avatar image for david1233

LEGO HP would probably rock. And LEGO Indy 2 would probably suck...

Avatar image for Cicatraz_ESP

I'd def. get Lego Harry Potter

Avatar image for Malhound

I think they will Lego-fy Hannah Montana after the movie was released.

Avatar image for killertrumpet92

To ScorpSt: If they waited until the 7th movie was out hey woul have to wait until like 2013 because th 6th one is coming out in june or July and they have said that they are making the 7th book into 2 movies so that they can fitt in ever last bit of info from the book. And yes I am a big Harry Potter nerd.

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I hope they make the Lego Harry Potter, but hopefully they'll wait to come out with it until the 7th movie, that way they can have all 7 books in one game. That would be awesome. I have to say that a Lego Indiana Jones based on "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" would be a horrible idea. First of all, it's just one movie. Second, it was a horrible movie. That's about all I got. I do think it's safe to say we can expect a number of additional Lego properties. Just to throw a few out there: Lego Star Trek, Lego Spider-Man, Lego Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

Avatar image for Peter2961

I think it will work out, I enjoyed playing the Lego Indiana Jones and Batman.

Avatar image for necronaux

Howabout an M rated Lego Halloween or Fri. 13th? Little red lego blood-blocks squirting everywhere...

Avatar image for mossongreens

How about they just make a Lego game within the Lego product lines? A Lego exo-force game or something. There would be way more freedom in the story or level design like in Lego I i

Avatar image for legogamesrule

i want lego star wars ; the clone wars

Avatar image for soranobody

i have only played lego star wars,I dont like indinana Jones. go ahead kill me for saying that

Avatar image for oldschooled

I love every single lego game thats out! Lego Harry Potter would be fun because they could have a quidiitch level. And instead of making another lego indy, they shopuld just make it downloadeble content. One more thing, MAKE A LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Avatar image for legogamesrule

I liked Lego star wars the best and i also liked lego batman but i thought lego indiana jones was just a bit dull. plus indiana jones 2 kingdom of the crystal skull would maybe be a bit short, but there better be a lego harry potter because EAs harry potter games suck.

Avatar image for robdar602

As fun as the others are, what made the Lego SW games better than Indiana Jones or Batman were the added Force powers. Lego HP will be AWESOME because of the spells. Can't wait!!

Avatar image for Jak_Napier

lego Harry potter series would work if the used the first six books, much like 6 chapters in lego batman, and six movies in lego star wars. Then they would have 5 missions each and movie fillers and cutscenes in between. This would work perfectly becuase if they threw in the 7th book, without the movie, itd give away the ending with a lego feel and twist, that wouldnt be cool. But for sure a lego Harry potter game should be in the works. I would definitely purchase that game regardless of the $60 price tag.

Avatar image for Aphallatosis

I still need to pick up the Lego Star Wars collection.

Avatar image for stalepretzels

man, indiana jones, batman, star wars, harry potter... What's next? Star Trek? Lord of the Rings? Oh well. Those lego games are friggin addicting. :D

Avatar image for IWillKickU

I'm usually a hard-core gamer, but those damn lego games are my guilty pleasure. You keep making them, I'll keep buying them and hoping no one notices JUST how many are on my gamertag.

Avatar image for -HaloHitman-

Love Harry Potter.

Avatar image for brendanhunt1

lego never gets old

Avatar image for KingOfOldSkool

Lego Harry Potter is the only other IP that has a legitimate chance of making more money than the Star Wars themed lego games.

Avatar image for Rottenwood

The Lego Harry Potter game is a no-brainer. Even if it's only halfway-decent, it'll be a monster hit.

Avatar image for VenomRitual

the lego games were fun, had lots of humor, and some good puzzles, but absolutely zero challenge. SW the complete saga was very easy and all that was left to do was busy work of buying characters.

Avatar image for Express_Diablos

Wonder what else they can make a parody of.

Avatar image for Chief_Kuuni

that should be cool, I'd buy the games

Avatar image for Bionic92

They will probably only make Lego games off of existing Lego franchises. So no Lego LotR, unless they started making sets. And no Lego Halo, since MegaBlocks got the rights to Halo Wars (and oh god they are ugly! Why couldn't Lego have gotten the rights)

Avatar image for Dark-Star13

I loved lego star wars, not so lego Indy, or lego batman, but I'm still looking forward to these!

Avatar image for dan_151

sounds fun though i wonder how lego dead space would be(stupid idea) or lego Devil may cry (please stop me!) or lego...something (finally i forgot all my ideas)

Avatar image for shimblue

LEGO Harry Potter? Yes! Return of force(-like) powers!

Avatar image for Nintenkid49

I liked Lego Batman and might just rent these

Avatar image for Gezquester

It was only a matter of time, I think it would really work and not just because HP is a huge franchise. Someone mentioned on here they’d like to see a Lego LOTR, that sounds pretty cool and should be easier since WB got the rights back. I really would love to see Lego Spider-Man.

Avatar image for onuross88

I'm sure it will be better than ea's crap games

Avatar image for Tylendal

Lego Harry Potter sounds good. Star Wars worked because of the force, but I was never that sure about Indiana Jones or Batman... Still, with magic and Lego environments, it should be pretty fun.

Avatar image for Lopur94

More lego games for my baby bro... he'll put it next to lego star wars and lego batman... ;)

Avatar image for leon-fenrir

This was bound to happen.

Avatar image for LessThanMike

a lego harry potter would be pretty interesting i believe...but i wonder if the "cast" would be big enough

Avatar image for FarmFreshDX

If you could print money... would you?

Avatar image for Nintendoguy325

Something like this could work. Hogwarts is big enough, plenty of possibilities for puzzles. A LEGO Snape would be hilarious to see

Avatar image for Grim_Heaper94

Oh,you're talking about Lego Creator: Harry Potter right? I still have that game around here somewhere. Unlike the new Lego games it was actually about building with Legos.

Avatar image for funkymonkey4710

Yeah I just found the old box for it, they have already done an old Lego Harry Potter back in the 90's I think for PCs.

Avatar image for funkymonkey4710

If I am not mistaken, wasn't there already a Lego Harry Potter out... I could have swore my little brother and I used to play it on the computer all the time.

Avatar image for Mist00

maybe the lego one will be better

Avatar image for Igglepig

I kinda like the lego games, I dont like the legos

Avatar image for cowmaster2k3

ive lost my interests after Lego Batman was kinda a bust... Indiana Jones was cool though. Im sure this Harry Potter will be great for its fans. Ive never read the books, Ive seen the movies and they are pretty good. I'm most likely not going to get this since I only played lego batman for 2 hours... but Im sure this will be fun for their fans

Avatar image for Spider-Jim

Keep em coming , can't stop playing these games even if Potter is a poor choice. Bring on the rest Lego Spidey , lego LOTR etc...

Avatar image for XKing2

NO!!!!! I've been waiting my BUTT off for the past SIX MONTHS for them to announce Lego Spiderman, and now they go and announce Lego Harry potter, instead?!

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