TransWorld Snowboarding updated impressions

We check out a new previewable build of Infrogrames' upcoming snowboarding game for the Xbox.


We've gotten a new build of TransWorld Snowboarding and have had a chance to get a better look at what it's going to offer. Aside from its impressive visuals, TransWorld Snowboarding will have a solid assortment of gameplay options for one to four players.

You'll find four gameplay modes to choose from in the game: TransWorld tour, single session, multiplayer, and free ride. TransWorld tour is a career mode in which you'll take one of the 10 selectable snowboarders to the top of the competitive heap. You'll face 16 courses spread across the globe. Each course will feature a different type of snow--such as powder, packed powder, or ice and slush--that will require you to alter your boarding style in order to perform well. In addition, each course will have an assortment of objectives to complete, ranging from earning a top score to performing certain moves. The first course available in the game is set in Garmisch, Germany. As you complete the objectives for each course, you'll begin to unlock the others. The single session mode will let you test your skills on courses that fall into one of six course types: slope style, half-pipe, straight jump, boarder rally, backcountry, and time attack. The multiplayer mode offers two game choices: split screen and super pro. Split screen supports up to four players and will let you race on slope style or boarder rally courses. Super pro is a turn-based multiplayer mode that requires you to take turns running through courses with up to four friends. Finally, free ride lets you take a run on any available level without having to worry about a time limit. In addition to the game modes, you'll find a video option that will let you watch a variety of clips that include video bios of the boarders, the game credits, snowboarding footage set to music used in the game, and promotional pieces on the game's equipment sponsors.

The game's control is solid and user-friendly, especially if you're a veteran of extreme sports games. You'll be able to jump, spin, grind, and grab your board, and you'll earn points by successfully completing tricks--though the real points are earned by linking tricks into combos.

TransWorld's Snowboarding's graphics continue to impress. The massive courses feature a high polygon count and a high level of detail. The ice and snow you come across in the game has a very rich, stylized look to it thanks to clean textures and nice usage of lighting and bump mapping. The boarders you'll use in the game also feature a high level of detail and move well as you sail through the courses.

Judging from what we've played so far, TransWorld Snowboarding is shaping up nicely. The game's gorgeous visuals and accessible gameplay are a nice combination. The game is currently slated to ship this October, so look for more on it soon.

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