Transmission Games shuts down

Rumour Control: [UPDATE]: Transmission Games has shut down and is currently in receivership.


Source: News reports from Australian Gamer and Kotaku Australia.

What We Heard: Things weren't looking too good for Melbourne-based Transmission Games after the news earlier this month that the developer had laid off 28 staff members after an unnamed publisher pulled support for one of the studio's titles.

Now news has surfaced that Transmission Games has shut down completely, with the remaining staff being made redundant.

News reports are claiming the studio has now gone into receivership, with an appointed administrator taking over.

Transmission Games is responsible for recent titles, including Ashes Cricket 2009 and Heroes Over Europe; it is (or was) one of Australia's biggest developers.

The Official Story: Calls to the Transmission Games office and to the CEO, Mike Fegan, were not returned as of press time.

Bogus or Not Bogus?: A Transmission Games spokesperson has confirmed the reports are true.

[UPDATE]: GameSpot AU got in touch with Transmission Games, who confirmed that the studio has gone into voluntary liquidation. However, a Transmission Games spokesperon said the studio was not yet ready to make an official statement.

Stay tuned to GameSpot AU for more information as it comes to hand.

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Australian gaming industry (if it exists) needs to gain big support. We have some brilliant ideas floating around this big brown land of ours but they're flying overseas with them.

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that blows... it didn't work out in the end after all...

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dam thats bad for them.i just hope us aussies still get good cricket games

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it seems like these days all of Australian developers are going under, we just make a break in the game industry :(

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Dam so guessin ^6%

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dam that sucks, i wish all the people who got laid off the best of luck! : )

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A shame for the local developer industry. Hopefully all those staff are able to stay in australia to continue their careers in this field.