Transformers Director Is Producing New Dora The Explorer Movie

How many explosions will be in the new live-action movie?


A live-action movie based on the hit Nickelodeon TV show Dora the Explorer is on the way, and action movie veteran Michael Bay is going to produce it. Really. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bay--who is perhaps best known for the Transformers series--is producing with Andrew Form and Brad Fuller from his Platinum Dunes company.

The Dora movie is being written by The Muppets and Neighbors writer Nick Stoller. The film is expected to stray from the TV show in that it will follow a teenage Dora who moves to a city to live with her cousin Diego and go on their own adventures. The show, which ended in 2014 after 172 episodes, followed a 7-year-old Dora. She teamed up with a monkey named Boots and a sentient map named Map on her adventures. A big jerk fox named Swiper tries to get in the way all the time. We'd expect all of these characters to move forward with the movie, though specific plot points are being kept under wraps.

Paramount is releasing the live-action Dora movie, which is expected to hit theatres in 2019.

In 2012, CollegeHumor released a trailer for a fake Dora the Explorer movie starring Ariel Winter from Modern Family. It's pretty great, filled with gunfights and explosions. We can't imagine Paramount's movie would be anywhere near this adult or absurd, but it's all we have to go on for now. Check out the trailer above.

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