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Trailer For Ex-GTA Dev's Next Game And More Info On How To Play It Early

Testing begins soon.


Build A Rocket Boy, the game studio founded by former GTA and Rockstar boss Leslie Benzies, has released a new trailer for its first game, Everywhere, and announced how fans can play it early.

Everywhere is described as a "community-driven gaming, a place where you can unleash your imagination to build, play, and connect." It doesn't seem like a single game but instead a platform where players can create whatever they like, not unlike Roblox or Fortnite. The new trailer shows off some of the many different experiences that players can find in Everywhere.

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Now Playing: EVERYWHERE | Official "Time For A New World" Reveal Trailer 2023

This newest trailer looks far different than the first one from August 2022, but that makes sense given that Everywhere isn't one specific type of game or one that has a singular art style.

Additionally, everyone can now sign up for an account on the Everywhere game website to reserve a username and put their name down for a chance to play a closed alpha. The alpha test will begin "soon," the developer said. This will be a "limited technical test" for PC only, with the aim of "testing the systems" and getting feedback from players. Additional tests will take place later, so anyone not invited to the first round could get into a subsequent testing phase.

"We believe in a future where game creation is put in the hands of players. With Everywhere, we aim to empower anyone to innovate, take risks, and build their own worlds, shaped purely by their imagination," Benzies said. "We are providing the tools, inspiration and infrastructure and are excited to see how our community will foster the next generation of developers to help grow the Everywhere story."

Benzies left Rockstar North in 2016, following a 17-month sabbatical. In April 2016, he sued Rockstar Games for $150 million in royalties and alleged that he was forced out.

As for the GTA series, Rockstar is now developing Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA V, one of the best-selling games in history, just celebrated its 10th anniversary on September 17.

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