Tradewest rises from Midway Europe's ashes

Martin Spiess acquires London and Paris offices from publisher's bankruptcy, attaches name of defunct Double Dragon, Battletoads firm.


Original Double Dragon publisher Tradewest Games is back and for little more than the cost of a couple of rounds with Billy and Jimmy Lee.

Developed by Rare, Battletoads was one of Tradewest's biggest hits.
Developed by Rare, Battletoads was one of Tradewest's biggest hits.

Earlier this month, Midway's European publishing and distribution head, Martin Spiess, purchased the bankrupt outfit's French and UK offices for €1 ($1.42). Today, Spiess reintroduced his acquisitions to the world as the newly formed Tradewest Games.

Originally established in 1986, Tradewest is best remembered as the publisher behind the beat-'em-up franchises Double Dragon and Battletoads, as well as the Super Off-Road series of racing games. It was acquired in 1994 by Midway parent company WMS Industries and was eventually converted into Midway Home Entertainment. Spiess recently acquired the rights to the Tradewest brand, though the cost of the purchase is unknown.

Similarly unclear is the list of Tradewest franchises--if any--the publisher now controls. Tradewest's statement announcing the move mentioned only that it would be "a European full service provider in the fields of game distribution and publishing."

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