Trackmania Reboot Delayed To July, Check Out The New Trailer

The remake of the free-to-play Trackmania Nations has been pushed back due to coronavirus.


If you were looking forward to the return of the beloved four-button racing series Trackmania in May, we have some bad news. Developer Ubisoft Nadeo announced that the release date of the upcoming Trackmania--a remake of 2006's free-to-play hit Trackmania Nations--has been delayed from May 5 to July 1 due to the coronavirus disrupting its work. The team also released a new trailer for the game.

Trackmania is a racing series built around simplicity and customizability, with players racing to achieve the best times in online lobbies. The community is well-known for building outlandish tracks with loop-de-loops, corkscrews, and fully-vertical jumps. Ubisoft Nadeo has indicated that this new Trackmania will focus heavily on esports, with daily competitions and tournaments for high-level players.

Though it's not immediately clear how Ubisoft Nadeo will monetize this reboot, the studio has cited a live-service model as the likely direction for the game, with official tracks cycling in and out daily. While Trackmania Nations was free-to-play, Trackmania 2 was sold as four different paid environments, such as Canyon and Stadium.

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