Toys "R" Us Wii preorders detailed

Toy giant taking $50 preorders for Nintendo's console on October 29; PS3 orders may also be taken same day.


Gamers who missed out on Wii preorders at EB Games and GameStop earlier this month are getting a second chance at launch day giddiness. Toy monolith Toys "R" Us will begin taking preorders for the Wii on Sunday, October 29, the retailer confirmed today.

A $50 down payment is required to get the all-important voucher that will guarantee one of the $250 systems the day it is released, November 19.

However, that may not be the only console the store takes preorders for on Sunday. Over at Gaming Age Forums, a poster who claims to work for Toys "R" Us says that PlayStation 3 preorders will also be taken on October 29, which, if true, could make for strange bedfellows among those camping out on Saturday night for a good spot in line.

According to the poster, who goes by the nom de plume "jetsetmario," each store will have roughly 12 to 25 Wiis, four to 10 60GB PS3s, and one to four 20GB PS3s.

More evidence of PS3 preorders comes from Toys "R" Us' "Big Book"--the retailer's holiday print advertisement that is mailed out, available in-store, and circulated with newspapers. Scans of the ad, which will be released later this week and tells customers to "reserve [a PS3] now," hit the Internet and are causing a whirlwind among those eager to secure a hard-to-get PS3 on launch day.

Representatives from Toys "R" Us were unavailable for comment on PS3 orders as of press time.

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