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Toys "R" Us already selling BioShock?

2K Boston's latest surfaces on some store shelves, online auction site a week early.


Source: Message board posters from Web sites game oriented and otherwise. What we heard: This week's new release schedule is all about Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 08, but message boards around the Internet suggest that retailer Toys "R" Us has committed a false start when it comes to BioShock, which was set for release next week.

The posters provided a number of different forms of evidence for their purchases, from pictures of the BioShock box with their user name written on a slip of paper to simply referencing their Xbox Live Gamertag, which includes a list of unlocked BioShock achievements and the latest games played.

A quick search on auction site eBay confirms that early copies of the game are available, as multiple sellers are advertising copies of the game in-hand and ready to ship overnight. People are buying the game at a premium, as well, with auctions ending for as much as $120.

So it can be established that copies are out there and being sold. The question then becomes a matter of how widespread the early release is. Is it a retail chain deciding to ignore the publisher's plans for a leg up on the competition, or is it just a handful of stores accidentally making a mess of things?

Like many of the forum-goers, GameSpot called around to a variety of local stores in order to see what the deal was. And like most of them, our attempts to locate a store selling BioShock early were unsuccessful. The game is already out there in the wild, but it appears it will take a dedicated hunter to track down a copy.

The official story: A Take-Two representative hadn't returned GameSpot's request for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that this is an official (or even widespread) early release. Not bogus that underpaid clerks can be less than careful, making mistakes and putting out games ahead of their street dates.

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