Toys for Bob looking for new publisher

The company that created the classic Star Control series leaves Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive.


Toys for Bob, the California-based game developer that created the classic Star Control series, has announced that it is leaving Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive in search of a new publisher. The company has worked with Crystal Dynamics for approximately nine years. It is responsible for the development of several games for the PC and console platforms, including Star Control, Star Control II, The Horde, Pandemonium, The Unholy War, and 102 Dalmations: Puppies to the Rescue. Design director Paul Reiche III previously codesigned a number of games, including Archon, Murder on the Zinderneuf, and Mail Order Monsters.

"Our company has had great success creating new intellectual property for Crystal with our original titles," said Reiche. "Now we are looking for a new publisher that has the resources to build a new hit franchise."

"It's a great time to start our next big project," added Ken Ford, technology director. "Many publishers had great holiday sales and are ready to start up new titles for 2003."

The official Toys for Bob Web site contains a note about the developer's upcoming project, Minions, which is described as a fantasy adventure game similar to Star Control II. According to Reiche, the company is currently considering several options and hopes to have more information on the company's future within the next few weeks.

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