Touchmaster gripping DS

Midway shrinks down its popular touch-screen trivia arcade games to a new palm-sized title. First screens inside.


LAS VEGAS--For years, Midway has entertained millions of arcade-goers and barflies with its touch-screen trivia and casual games. Now the company is compiling many of those games into a title for the only touch-sensitive portable on the market, the Nintendo DS. Though not yet rated, the game is due out this summer.

Titled Touchmaster DS, the game will feature 23 "classic" games from the full-sized touch-screen machines. Besides the trivia challenges, which have settled countless bar bets nationwide, the compilation will include a variety of card games, including the world's most prevalent time-waster, solitaire. Also included are mahjong, several puzzle games (including Gem Slide), and a simple basketball game called Hot Hoops--a title Midway went as far as to trademark.

Unsurprisingly, all games included in Touchmaster DS will take advantage of the DS's touch-sensitive screen and stylus. Touchmaster DS will also use the handheld's Wi-Fi connection to let players log onto the Midway Tournament Network, which will list high scores and daily rankings and will host tournaments sometime in the future.

GameSpot editor Jeff Gerstmann got his hands on Touchmaster DS at the 2007 Midway Gamers' Day--check out his preview for more information on the game.

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