Total War: Warhammer Game Teased (Again)

Creative Assembly hints at new strategy game in series retrospective video.

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Creative Assembly, the studio responsible for Alien: Isolation and Total War: Attila, celebrated its 15th anniversary with a video retrospective on the Total War series. At the end of the clip, there’s a brief reference to what may be a Total War game set in the Warhammer universe.

The video shows a series of vignettes for each of the 11 games in the Total War series released so far. At the end, there's a clip with a purple tint and a monstrous, inhuman growl. Given that the series has always stuck to historical conventions pretty well, the noise suggests a thematic departure.

It also fits nicely with the unofficial reveal of the new Warhammer strategy game earlier this year, and the deal with Warhammer creators Games Workshop in 2012. At the time, Creative Assembly was working on Total War: Rome II and Alien: Isolation, so it's no surprise that it's taken the team a bit to get started.

In an accompanying press release, Creative Assembly said that it would be at the Eurogamer Rezzed Expo in London this week, suggesting that it might be showing off the game there. Either way, the Total War series has already racked up some truly impressive stats. According to the release, more than a million people are playing at least one of the series' games every month. Collectively, Total War players have waged 4.8 billion battles in the past 15 years.

Also shown in the video were two new titles that we can expect later this year. The first, Total War Battles: Kingdom, will be for tablets. The second, Total War: Arena, will focus on 10v10 team strategy.

Following the closure of Sega's San Francisco office in January, the publisher said that it would be focusing on PC and mobile games moving forward.

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