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Total War: Warhammer 3 Players Can Now Enjoy Ambitious Immortal Empires Mode For Free

Immortal Empire previously required players to own all three Total War: Warhammer games in order to play.


Total War: Warhammer III is celebrating its one-year anniversary by making the game's most ambitious mode, Immortal Empires, free for all players.

The mode, which combines the world maps and factions of all three of Creative Assembly's Total War: Warhammer RTS games into one massive campaign, has been in beta for the last six months, and until now required players to own all three games in the series to play. The game's community has been vocal in recent months about the high price of entry to play what many have proclaimed as the game's best mode, and now Creative Assembly is delivering the mode free of charge for those who own Total War: Warhammer III.

"Opening up this epic campaign to all Warhammer III owners is something we are pleased to offer, and the game's one year anniversary felt like the perfect time to do this for all to enjoy," a blog post from Creative Assembly reads. "It's a really exciting time and the perfect start to what is going to be a very exciting year."

A new trailer for the mode shows the Forces of Order, made up of humans, elves, and dwarves, attempting to form an alliance against the forces of Chaos. Things don't exactly go as planned, however, when an elf calls the opinion of the dwarf high king "short-sighted." The tail end of the trailer foreshadows the arrival of the Chaos Dwarf faction. There's no date for when the new dwarven faction will arrive, but Creative Assembly teases "it'll be here before you know it."

Total War: Warhammer III players who encounter factions from previous games in the series will have the option of buying each faction piecemeal as DLC, rather than needing to purchase the full game that faction appeared in. For those wanting to check out Immortal Empires, Total War: Warhammer III is currently on PC Game Pass.

Alongside Immortal Empires being added for free, the game's first update of 2023 also makes various balance changes and bug fixes.

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