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Total War: Warhammer 3 Inspires This Epic Metal Music Video

Watch the band Battlesnake perform a cover of "Death Is Like The Winter Chill."


Microsoft has teamed up with metal band Battlesnake to create an epic music video for the Warhammer song, "Death Is Like The Winter Chill," to celebrate the recent launch of Total War: Warhammer III.

The video was directed by cinematographer Anthony Rose, and it features the Australian metal band dressing up like Warhammer characters and turning the dials up to 11. This campaign comes from Xbox ANZ, and the video was filmed at Sydney's famous Oxford Art Factory.

According to Xbox ANZ, members of Battlesnake were already fans of the franchise. "Battlesnake was forged deep in the fiery pits of the underworld, so we share a mutual respect with those who wage battle in the Realm of Chaos," Battlesnake's Elliott Hitchcock said.

"When we're not shredding on stage, we're normally wielding swords, so any game with swords is a game worth celebrating. We're hyped to pay tribute to the legendary Warhammer community and hope that our celebration brings some new Warhammer metal-heads to our shows in future to watch us get sweaty," Hitchcock added.

Rob Bartholomew, the chief product officer at developer Creative Assembly, said in a statement that the music video showcases Warhammer III "in all of its head-banging glory."

This is just the latest extravagant campaign from Xbox ANZ, the division of Xbox focused on Australia and New Zealand. Xbox ANZ also dropped a real car out of the sky to promote Forza Horizon 5 and turned Queenstown, New Zealand into "Greenstown" to promote the Series X|S launch. Before that, the team made a greaseproof Xbox controller, Xbox bodywash, and who could forget the Xbox Onesie. More recently, Xbox ANZ created Age of Empires-themed cereal to promote the launch of Age of Empires IV.

Total War: Warhammer III is out now on PC with Game Pass or for direct purchase, including on places like Steam, where the game is already performing exceptionally well.

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