Total War: Rome II Expansion Wrath of Sparta Announced

See a video and some screenshots for the new expansion launching December 16.

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Sega's PC strategy game Total War: Rome II is getting a new expansion, and it's coming soon. The Wrath of Sparta expansion, a brand-new campaign add-on, will arrive on December 16.

Set in 432 BC during the outset of the Peloponnesian War, Wrath of Sparta represents the earliest time period that the Total War series has ever seen. Here's how Sega sets up Wrath of Sparta:

"As the legendary warriors of Sparta are called into open conflict against an arrogant Athens by scheming Korinthos and Boiotia, Wrath of Sparta challenges you to dominate the Hellenic world. However, while the City States vie for control of their homelands, across the Aegean Sea the vengeful Persian Empire watches its old foe closely..."

The Wrath of Sparta map will features a "highly detailed" ancient Greece, as well as Greek Island and the Ionian Coast. It will also include new tech-trees, battlefield and naval units, "great wonders," and iconic Greek heroes. Overall, Sega says the expansion will deliver "hundreds of hours" of gameplay.

For more on Wrath of Sparta, check out the video and image gallery below.

Beyond the Wrath of Sparta expansion for Rome II, developer Creative Assembly is also working on a brand new Total War title called Total War: Attila, which launches in February 2015. The London-based studio is also at work on spinoff Total War Battles: Kingdom, announced just yesterday.

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Dear Sega,


We're over this game, and Total War in general after how fail this game was.

Hannibal, Caeser - both DLCs sucked. The only one worth the 1 I hypothetically would have paid if it weren't free was the Civil War, which still sucked. Now you release another? And announce another F2P Fail of a casual game, as if you didn't learn your lesson last time with the mobile game? With TWA coming out?

Rome 2 was literally the most looked-forward-to game in my entire gaming life of 25 years, and you utterly failed to deliver. The game isn't even playable without heavy modding. Not enjoyable, anyway. It's like the Skyrim of Total War.

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Wow, didn't they already sell a Sparta faction DLC? Doubledip Sparta...

Anyway, R2's launch left such a bad taste that I haven't been back more than once for their big "AI" patch, which still had the AI just stand there for the first siege of the game. For me, Rome 2 is the last TW game I'll be buying without a gold/GOTY edition. SEGA/CA's shameless dlc (I mean, you put one of the most popular factions behind another paywall for you broken game!) with a broken game really really doesn't sit well with me...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yep, I was hit hard by the failures of Rome 2 as well. The state that game was in at release ( as well as many of the design choices that are STILL in the game), combined with their new trend of DLC whoring in a big way has totally turned me off the TW franchise, and up till now they were some of my favorite games of all time! Ridiculous how far the quality has slipped :(

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The DLC that CA has made for this game thus far has been thoroughly uninteresting and clearly just to make money...

...but I have to admit, when I first played as Sparta and the other Greek city-states, I had wished that the entire game could focus in a little more on them. Looks like I'm getting my wish.

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Haven't touched Rome II in many many many months. This might bring me back, if it's free...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I guess you are not going back then.

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Shameless amount of DLC for this game already.

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Needs to be on Xbox One with hella easy controls.

Advanced Warfare has the best GFX on Xbox One.

Halo MCC Matchmaking is the place to be and will be forever.

Or Xbox One PC TV Steam (Full Xbox One Achievements) integration.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Lol, yea, no. All of your comment is no.

Ryse's graphics make CoD AW piss itself.

PS Total War is for master race only. Don't try to imagine it on a console.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It took them almost a year to make this game run well on PCs. I really don't think they would even consider trying to get it to run well on consoles.

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"Hella easy controls" or just add mouse and keyboard support if they can get it to ofc

As for your other opinions I'm not entirely sure how they are relevant

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Official Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard inc.

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they would have sacrifice a lot to get the game to even run at 30 on the consoles from gfx and unit size to AI scripting. Heck I doubt either console could run Shogun 2 on high settings.

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If you can't make it, you're not trying hard enough.

Smaller character design is just a different pallet.

Easy to make good with big or small.

Simplistic controls like scroll over click and move pieces.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You clearly don't understand games or game design.

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just Fmi have u played any of the total wars?