Total War: Rome II DLC to be Released for Free

Emperor Edition update, featuring the Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack, set to launch on September 16.

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Gamers who already own Total War: Rome II will be given the Emperor Edition update for free, publisher Sega has announced.

Set for release on September 16, Emperor Edition comes with the Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack DLC.

While those who already own the game can download the upgrade for free, newcomers can also purchase the Emperor Edition as a standalone package.

According to the game's synopsis, these new DLC missions "drops players into the outbreak of the great Roman civil war that gave rise to the first emperor. As Octavian, Marc Anthony and Lepidus clash for supremacy, how far will you go to ensure a lasting peace?"

A new trailer for the game can be found above.

Released in September 2013, Total War: Rome II is a flagship strategy game built by the Sega-owned UK studio The Creative Assembly.

GameSpot's Total War: Rome 2 review was positive about the PC and Mac title.

The review reads: "Technical issues aside, the upgrades to Rome II have helped blur the lines between tactics and strategy, creating a powerful, engaging drama that works well on every scale."

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Hopefully they revamp the horrid vanilla civil war type gameplay. Frakkin Senate loyalists spawn no where near Rome. You're like "Oh you control Poland? OH NOS!"

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Rome 2 is not fixed. 15 Patches down the line. The AI is still relatively braindead, the only settlements it will attack are those that are undefended, they still dont respond to war targets. Are still amazingly passive on all difficulties. There are some bug fixes, and apparently some performance fixes, however the fundamental gameplay problems that have made this game such a turnoff for fans of the series are not bugs. They are design choices and results of piss-poor programming for a team with no experience of handling AAA titles.

You still have a maximum of 16 armies at max imperium.
The leaked politics revamp if true is nothing big and still falls short of the standards they were stolen/inspired

The battle AI is still passive unless they sense an overwhelming or significant advantage.

The diplomacy hasnt changed, You can have over 1000 friendly rating and still not be able to get a military alliance with no clear reason why.

Just check the patch notes from the site.

The DLC will be something.. because its free. But this little misleading video shouldnt confuse people into wasting more money or any money if they havent bought the game yet. It's a dissapointment on almost every level.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> well, maybe you just need to know how to play properly

Avatar image for tension22

I personally dont recall mentioning struggling to play.. I've beaten the game on Legendary with Rome, Sparta, Egypt, Iceni, Greece and Secluid. It's been easier than its ever been. You can bring 5 siege units and the rest a composition of defensive and ranged units and win any engagement against any composition the AI will send. Only changing up slightly for city invasions. Beyond that.. this piss poor version of the game encourages you more than ever before to auto-resolve every single encounter and not waste your time.

I played this game properly. The game wasn't made properly.

Avatar image for thorwenu

<< LINK REMOVED >> Just because you were able to complete the game relatively quickly, doen't mean you have to discourage other people from playing a game that has been patched up a lot.

Avatar image for vicsrealms

Soooo, did they fix it? I bought it day one as well, and CA quickly added itself to my shift list.

Avatar image for jack00

Good 'cause I have no intention whatsoever to put anymore money on that game.

Avatar image for Sohaim

i pre-ordered this game, it was such a letdown. never played again after the second patch, did they fix the AI and Performance problems?

Avatar image for Shirotakahahshi

<< LINK REMOVED >> Just check for yourself. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. The game is mark improvement in every aspect (A.I., performance, usability, etc...) over the initial launch, but it still needs work in my opinion. I just don't feel it has the attention to detail the previous titles had.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I buy it and did not play much either. I don`t have a processor power enought I think. I`ll play when I buy a new pc...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> yes it is fixed its now a great game and i think with emperor edition it will be complete and almost perfect

Avatar image for dob_4bc

"GameSpot's << LINK REMOVED >> was positive about the PC and Mac title." When did this come out on Mac? It's not available for Mac on Total War's store???

Avatar image for hammerfall22

For free? Very good!

Avatar image for RC-Sev

Wow, another DLC. At least it's free, there's enough priced already.