Total War: Elysium Is Now In Closed Beta

In case you needed yet another digital card game to play.


The Total War franchise has entered into the digital card game space with Total War: Elysium. As more and more franchises are entering the card game scene, Total War is bringing historical battles to the genre.

One of the new features that Total War: Elysium is bringing to the genre is cards that are limited by the time of day. This mechanic is called Daybreak, limiting the use of some cards over the course of the game.

New cards will be earned through leveling up, along with being available for in-game purchase. Crafting cards will also be a mechanic going forward. Decks will be made up of a bunch of generals, all historical figures, and matching unit types. Through the Daybreak mechanic, reserves can be called in for backup during the game.

The developers, Creative Assembly, are planning on releasing Total War: Elysium on PC, Android, and iOS simultaneously. The closed beta is currently only available on Android. To sign up for the closed beta, head over to the official site.

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