Total War compiled

Sega's new Era anthology presents the entire Total War series, every installment and expansion pack released to date.


Total War: Eras

The mother of all Total War SKUs is set to drop, as Sega today announced that Total War: Eras, a collection of every previously released game and expansion in the PC real-time strategy franchise, will take Europe by storm tomorrow. The compendium of conflict is scheduled to spread to North America for a July 25 release. The games in the package include Shogun: Total War and its Mongol Invasion expansion, Medieval: Total War and the Viking Invasion add-on, and Rome: Total War with its two expansions, Barbarian Invasion and Alexander. Eras will also include The Total War Story, a 40-minute documentary on the series, a poster and preview for Medieval II: Total War, an art booklet, and five art cards.

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