Total War Battles: Kingdom Announced

It's a free-to-play, "persistent-world strategy game" from Creative Assembly.


London-based developer Creative Assembly has announced Total War Battles: Kingdom, a free-to-play, "persistent-world strategy game," due out "soon" for mobile devices and PC. Set during the turn of the 10th century, Kingdom combines realm-building and tactical battles, according to publisher Sega.

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"Ultimately, players will be able to join in massed multiplayer wars against other lords in a fight for the throne," reads a line from the game's description. "Deception, spying, and outright betrayal against enemies and friends alike will see the devious player rewarded."

Creative Assembly's Renaud Charpentier said Kingdom benefits from the developer's learnings on Total War Battles: Shogun, the spinoff released in 2012. Charpentier says Kingdom was designed to be accomodating to players wherever they are.

"Whether that's on the move or at work over lunch," he said. "It shouldn't matter where you want to play; we want to make it easy to come back again and again to your flourishing Kingdom. Then, we ramp up the complexity and challenge, adding more options to your Machiavellian schemes."

Kingdom will be available soon via a closed beta on PC. You can register for the beta at the game's website today. For more on Kingdom, check out the trailer above.

In addition to Kingdom, Creative Assembly is working on Total War: Attila and Total War Arena. The studio's most recently released game was Alien: Isolation.

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