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Total War: Attila Mod Kit Launches With 60GB of Data For Modders

Plus, Steam Workshop page opens.


Sega and Creative Assembly have announced that they have now released official mod tools for strategy game Total War: Attila. The "Assembly Kit," as Sega is calling it, is available to owners of the game through the Tools menu in your Steam Library.

The Assembly Kit is being billed as the "most extensive" mod tools package Sega has ever released, outdoing similar packages for Shogun and Rome II.

Courtesy of Sega, the Total War: Attila Assembly Kit includes the following:

  • DaVE: enables editing of the game's database entries.
  • BOB: enables processing of raw data such as textures, models, and animations.
  • TeD: enables the creation of individual battlefields for land, sea, and sieges.
  • Terry: enables the editing of campaign map aesthetics such as the height-map, lighting, and props. Unlike previous Assembly Kits, Terry now grants access to Terrain Raw Data, which means modders can determine which battle maps load in for specific campaign map locations.

Sega also pointed out that fans who want to "get the most" out of the Assembly Kit should download the Terrain Raw Data resource pack. This comes with a whopping 60 GB of assets for creators to work with. Check out the video above to see some of this in action.

Interested modders can also visit the Total War Wiki here for a more in-depth rundown of scripting methods and how to best leverage the new mod tools.

Finally, Sega has opened a new Steam Workshop page for Total War: Attila, which allows players to share their work with others. These mods are all free, following Valve's decision earlier this week to kill paid mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Looking ahead, Sega recently announced Total War Warhammer with a flashy cinematic trailer. Other new Total War games in development include Total War: Battles Kingdom and Total War: Arena.

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