Total Recall 2012 MMOG on the way

Web game publisher SEE Games announces partnership to develop multiplayer title based on Colin Farrell remake of 1990 sci-fi film.


Total Recall (2012)

A Columbia Pictures' remake of Total Recall is on the way to theaters next year, and like the 1990 original, it will also have a game tie-in. However, while the original film's tie-in was a 8-bit side-scrolling action title, the 2012 film's game adaptation will bring the property into the modern era as a massively multiplayer online game, courtesy of publisher SEE Games.

Total Recall should be memorable, if nothing else.
Total Recall should be memorable, if nothing else.

The Total Recall MMOG will be a freemium title that meshes MMO and social game features with player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gameplay. SEE Games says that the game will deliver consolelike graphics via Web browsers without the need to download any sort of local software client.

This project comes from a collaboration between SEE Games and Chinese online game developer ZQGame. Other franchises with game adaptations on the way from SEE Games include Men in Black, War of the Worlds, and Waterworld.

No release window was provided for the MMOG, but the Total Recall film is set to hit theaters on August 3, 2012.

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